PROFESSIONALS: understand employees’ processing styles and your own

COACHES: assist growth by knowing both your client’s processing styles and your own

TEACHERS: enhance learning by incorporating all styles into your teaching methods

STUDENTS: maximize studying by knowing how you process information

The ACKTIVV® Processing Styles Indicator© allows you to discover the unique way you process information. By identifying seven processing styles -- Auditory, Cognitive, Kinesthetic, Tactile, Intuitive, Verbal and Visual -- and ranking those styles, the ACKTIVV® gives you a ranking from your strongest processing style to your weakest processing style. All of the identified processing styles, as well as many more not covered by this instrument, are used by everyone to process information . . . however, each person has unique dominant styles which are most beneficial to linking information.

Have you ever put effort and energy into something, hoping for a desired result – whether studying for a test, working on a project, doing a task at work or at home – and you didn’t get results equal to the time and effort you put in? By discovering how you process information, your unique processing styles, you will learn how to approach things differently and identify strategies for successful outcomes.  The tool you need is a personal inventory called the ACKTIVV® Processing Styles Indicator©. Click here to begin.