What Is the ACKTIVV® Processing Styles Indicator©?

The ACKTIVV® Processing Styles Indicator is designed to identify an individual’s strongest pathways for assimilating and anchoring information. Knowing how you process information is an invaluable tool that can be used in many different arenas of life. Students who know how they learn can study using their preferred processing styles, which in turn can raise their grades. People beginning new jobs can speed up their training process by making sure they get information and training via their preferred styles. Knowing your own processing styles and being able to identify the styles of others allows for clearer communication. This leads to enhanced team and family cohesiveness and more desired results. For those who are organizationally challenged, knowing how information is best processed can lead to innovative workable systems, based on the unique processing pattern of the individual.

The ACKTIVV® identifies seven different processing styles. While everyone uses all of these processing styles, the ACKTIVV® identifies each individual’s preferred styles and provides the rank order of preference for all seven styles. ACKTIVV® is quick and easy to use. This tool can be used for older adolescents and adults. (The ACKTIVV® Processing Styles Indicator for Children is currently in development.)

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