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"I am a seven figure coach…I feel as if I understand marketing styles and process, but it was not until I came upon the ACKTIVV® Processing Styles Indicator that I embraced my unique talents and what I have to offer."

Suzanne Evans, MA


“What a wonderful tool for educators, therapists and learners alike!”

"ACKTIVV® is a refreshingly simple and helpful tool for both identifying and better understanding processing styles. In a matter of minutes, you can complete the indicator and begin to discover how to utilize your unique processing styles to maximize organization, communication, learning and retention."

Julie Greenberg, MTS, RJE
Education Director
Congregation Micah


“I know the ACKTIVV® will provide you with a powerful and accurate guide to understanding how you naturally and powerfully learn.”

"For years, we ADHD coaches have been talking about having a tool that could begin to identify the way people naturally process and learn in the world around them. ACKTIVV® is the first tool I have experienced that is easy and fun to use.

Every school, organization, family and group needs to use this tool if they want to unlock an individual’s hidden potential and brilliance, waiting to be unleashed. I highly recommend ACKTIVV® as an exceptional self-development tool. It is one of the few I have chosen to use in my life and in my business."

David Giwerc, MCC
Founder and President, ADD Coach Academy


“Three cheers to the ACKTIVV® creators for a concise, easy-to-use assessment tool!”

"I’ve used the ACKTIVV® for years as an integral part of my retreats for couples and women, as well as with my private coaching clients. It is amazingly accurate and is a fascinating catalyst for thoughtful conversation about how our unique approaches to life are influenced by processing styles. I recommend it highly."

Linda Roggli, PCC/CLC
Founder/Director of Possibilities
The ADDiva Network


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